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The Twelve Holy Commanders can go by a number of names, the Council of Twelve, the Divine Lords, the Supreme Zoalords, and variations of these. Archanfel the ruler of humanity requires twelve Zoalords for his plan. This is the reason for the Council of tTelve.

Hamilcar Barcas, after first meeting Archanfel, began his search for the twelve men to form the council. It took him almost 400 years to find the other ten to stand beside him and his master.

The 12 Holy Commanders (with the exception of Archanfel) are all Zoalords. Before being processed into their Zoaform, Cronos first tested the process on others using a pseudo Zoacrystal to form what are called Proto Zoalords. These Proto Zoalords, having only a pseudo Zoacrystals have a very limited natural lifespan and weaker capabilities then full Zoalords.

Proto Zoalord[edit]

Murakami mug.jpg
Murakami Masaki
the only surviving proto zoalord. He is the prototype of Richard Guyot's Zoaform. Later resurrected into a complete Zoalord as Imakarum Mirabilis.

Complete Zoalords[edit]

Archanfel mug.jpg
The Supreme Commander of Cronos. He is the original creation of the Advents.
Barcas mug.jpg
Hamilcar Barcas
The first of the Zoalords. He is the topmost authority in Zoanoid Processing.
Shin mug.jpg
Shin Rubeo Amniculus
Zoalord whom Barcas met 370 years ago. One of the oldest members of the 12 Holy Commanders.
Guyot mug.jpg
Richard Guyot
The newest of the 12 Holy Commanders to be processed. Aside from Archanfel, has the highest fighting ability among the Zoalords.
Imakarum mug.jpg
Imakarum Mirabilis
A new member of the Holy Commanders replacing Guyot. Moves independently as an agent of Archanfel. [Imakarum] is [Murakami] spelled backwards.
Purgstall mug.jpg
Freidrich Von Purgstall
Master of a destructive attack power that amplifies lightning. Weak in close range combat.
Yentsui mug.jpg
Li Yentsui
Able to open holes in dimension and cross great distances.
Khan mug.jpg
Cablarl Khan
And old man wearing manchurian styled clothes whom everybody refers to as old man. One of three Zoalords rebelling against Archanfel.
Kurumegnik mug.jpg
Luggnagg de Kurumegnik
One of the Zoalords that holds ill will towards Archanfel and is rebelling. Controls the African Branch.
Waferdanos mug.jpg
One of the only Zoalords who was not a human, nor was processed to be a zoalord.
Carleon mug.jpg
Edward Carleon
One of the 12 Holy Commanders that can hide in a different dimension and project multiple copies of himself in the present dimension.
Jabir mug.jpg
Jabir Ibn Hayyan
The last of the Zoalords joining Kurumegnik and Khan in their rebelling against Archanfel.
Galenos mug.jpg
Tuatha de Galenos
Having an appearance of a stone, he is capable of spewing fire attacks from his mouth.

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