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Aptom Trinity Blast - Japan legend

Aptom Trinity Blast

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Aptom Trinity Blast.jpg
Aptom Trinity Blast
Aptom Trinity Blast First Appearance:
Height: 298 cm Weight: 395 kg
After his defeat by the Guyver I again, he goes rogue and later takes advantage of the Battle between Guyot and Archanfel to penetrated the interior of the base. Earlier he had encountered Archanfel and after being blown to pieces, recovered and discovered that he had regenerated in three bodies, essentially now living as three identical organisms. All thsi let to his absorbing of Elegen, Gaster and Dazerb, and eventual Showdown with ZX-Tole.

This composite of Aptom is called the "Trinity Blast". He gained the giant Missile Launcher shoulders, and the liquid fuel launchers of Gaster. From Elegen he gained the Electric generator tentacles for energy and flight, as well has heat resistance. With Dazerb's abilities, he gained muscle and durability far greater than that of Gregole, as well as his napalm fire breathing ability. Due to his ability enhancer, the was stronger than the base bodies of these Hyper Zoanoids.

With this form he managed to momentarily overwhelm ZX-Tole with his new abilities, but eventually was caught off guard by ZX-Tole's hidden [Blaster Tempest] weapon in his desperation. However, he survived the attack despite losing half his body, recombined with another Aptom body, and managed to get away with ZX-Tole's leg and thus his abilities.