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Japan Legend was made with the intention of bringing great Japanese stuff to more people.

It is now the continuation of Guyver Advocacy first and foremost. The Guyver Advocacy movement started 2000~2001 and as such, the seeds of Japan Legend were also sown around this time.

This image was the first visual representation of what Japan-Legend is.

The concept started out as a need to bring great Japanese media to more people and attempt to drive away people's preconceptions and misconceptions. It was birthed among the members of the Toku club on the old Guyverboard.

The site started out as a community forum with the intent on bringing together a group of like minded people to work on a common goal. The idea was to then move onto a form of site that can be informative and teach people about the different kinds of media that they can get. The first attempt was using a CMS called subdreamer to create articles and content. This method failed miserably as the software was cumbersome.

At this current time, the wiki software now resides on this site. This has proven to be easy to use and is allowing the information database to expand at a wonderful rate.

Now the site Focuses on promoting Guyver Advocacy. The reason for this is mainly due to the decline in popularity of Tokusatsu and the availability of better communities elsewhere for these things.